Girls in ICT day 2016

14 girls from FERMUN participated in Girls in ICT day! Several of them appear in this video.

Who will succeed to Barack Obama?

The 20th of January 2017 will be the end of Barack Obama’s second mandate. The next American presidency, which will take place from 2017 to

“Boko Haram”, serial killers

One more, as “usual”, Boko Haram has stroke in Cameroon. On wenesday 14th January, a suicide attack has taken place near the Nigerian border in

Madaya, martyr city

Last monday, a humanitarian convoy finally entered the city of Madaya. The operation has finally succeeded after the massive spread of pictures on the internet

Avalanch in the “Deux Alpes”

Yesterday around 3.45 pm, a group of twelve skiers was victim of an avalanche at Deux Alpes in Isère. Some students of the scholar group