Yesterday around 3.45 pm, a group of twelve skiers was victim of an avalanche at Deux Alpes in Isère. Some students of the scholar group Saint-Exupéry of Lyon were among the victims who died during this avalanche. In fact, we count until now at least 3 deaths, of which 2 students and a tourist and several seriously injured people. Ten high school students accompanied by their teachers, who were in this place for a school trip, were victims of this avalanche that lead some of them to death and others to hospitalization. Moreover, we count, for the moment, the death of a tourist whose nationality is still unknown. However, despite the difficulty of the work due to the thickness of the snow slide, the national police haven’t stopped the researches. According to the police, “a helicopter equipped with a thermal camera is engaged and the Mure’s squad is in charge of the investigation” in order to rescue as many people as possible. The people who escaped the catastrophe are now in safety.

The French politics didn’t hide their emotions towards the gravity of the situation. In fact, Manuel Valls and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem expressed their deep sadness after the avalanche: “All our thinking goes to the victims and to those who are fighting for their life” declared the prime minister on Twitter. Najat Vallaud-Belkacem went on site yesterday evening at Saint-Exupéry High School in Lyon in order to welcome the students who are going to be repatriated by bus.

Basma Boujid

Sarah Ben Ammar