FerMUN 2023 Final report

The final reports are ready, please read our resolutions! You can find the resolutions for the WMO committee in this link.… Read more


#stopEACOP. This is the new environmental movement to stop one of the biggest projects of the company TotalEnergie, a pipeline to transport oil through Uganda and Tanzania. The issue is not the use of fossil fuels, but rather the destruction of ecosystems that the pipeline will cause. 

To begin with, … Read more

The delegates of the Un Water committee

At the Fermun 2023 conference, for three consecutive days debates took place in the UN Water committee. From my experience as a delegate at my many conferences, I loved observing the particularly virulent delegates from the beginning to the end of the debates.

Instead of explaining the concrete course of … Read more


The digital committee, chaired by Andres Viana Oporto, Norah Moye Ovedraogo and Cherine Abd el All, debated at the Campus Biotech, a university department in Geneva, on the 11, 12 and 13th of January 2023. The committee was made up of 85 delegates representing 43 delegations and treated the following … Read more


During the three days of the Fermun 2023 conference, the Un Water committee chaired by Raphaëlle Holroyd and Eléonore Hasler was able to debate and find common ground in order to find the necessary solutions to the following two issues

– Good eco-sustainable practices of water use: How to better … Read more


This year, the World Meteorological Organization will address two issues.

The first one is “How to provide safe access to early warning systems for extreme weather events for the entire population?” Due to climate change and human activity, extreme events are increasing. As these natural disasters have important impacts on … Read more


In the biotech campus, the committee debate of the FAO took place, led by the presidents Mariana FARINHA ARAUJO and Alice COLOMBO



This first day began in a wacky way because the latecomers had to dance the Macarena. Thenhe delegations gathered to unite to create a … Read more


A better quality of life in a world that is urbanizing

UN habitat is a committee in the United Nations program who wants to create a better urban future. The mission of this committee is to promote access to decent housing for all as well as the sustainable development of … Read more


Read our last FerMUNGAZINE 2023 !… Read more

FerMUN is coming up!

Our friends from Cotonou are getting ready!

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