One more, as “usual”, Boko Haram has stroke in Cameroon. On wenesday 14th January, a suicide attack has taken place near the Nigerian border in a mosque, killing 13 people.
Lately, blood has been flowing at the Nigerian Border and the inhabitants are desensitised to these attacks , becoming a part of their everyday life.

The explosion took place in the Koyapé mosque, a small village from the Kolofata distric. The terrorist has mixed with the faithful before making the explosive he was carrying on him go off, leading to the death of thirteen people in addition to his own This attack is a new form of savagery and is of symbolic importance.
Boko Haram have, in fact, assaulted the islamist preachers who did not shared the same vision of their religion. The Islam is known as a peaceful and tolerant religion, that is to say, far away from the insurectionnal and terrorist movement of salafist jihadist ideology.
For a few months, the attacks have been directed towards the muslim population which has caused all the region to be terrified

It is sadly not the first attack of groups of people.

Not counting the 14th january’s terrorist attack, the sect as launches attacks on the 10th January in Madali, which is situated in the North-East Nigeria. More than seven persons died, and around ten houses were also burnt down.
In addition,we must remind of the last 28th december where two suicide bomber women exploded themselves on a market place, killing thirty persons. In the space of a small number of months, the terrorist group murdered a considerable number of people, and seeing the origin of the acts that were comitted, it is to assume that more murders will be achieved.

The girls seized on the 14th April 2014, have still not been found and only 57 had succeeded in getting away on the firt days that followed their kidnapping. The families remain without news, and accuse the government of having lied with their promess to find their daughter again and bring them back. The families desperatly want to know if their are still alive or not, whatever so they can mourn.

They just want to know.

In total, the Boko Haram insurrection has taken more then 17 000 lifes and, since 2009, the immigration of more then 2,5 millions of people, that is to say, a considerable number.

The government is getting really worried because, as was said twice by the National Assembly’s president, Cavayé Yéguié Djibril, Boko Haram are “among us “. A member of an humanitarian NGO, residing in Maroua has also assured that “When one well observes, suicidal bombers are usually intercepted at the time during which they are already in the Cameroonian villages, rarely at the Nigerian border. As if they did not come “from far”. The sect is gaining more and more importance in Cameroon, a situation that is likely to worry more and more the population and to alert the authorities.

Nina Bethenod