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FerMUN is coming up!

This Wednesday 6th January 2021 starts our 3 days conference. It is our 11th edition and first virtual session. We will open with the dialogue with M.Fabrizio Hochschild (special adviser to M.Gutteres for the UN 75th anniversary ), the opening address of  Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus  (WHO Director General)  followed … Read more

FerMUn topics are online!

You can find them in our section “issues and reports“.… Read more

Participating in MUN at Ferney

At the lycée of Ferney, MUN is an activity where you are well supported. A group of about 150 students take part in an MUN hour every Wednesday from 14:15 to 15:15. For 2020/2021, Secondes students can join starting from November 2020. However recruitment starts in September 2020, at the … Read more

Solidarity Found in a Time of Isolation

During this period of quarantine previously undiscovered by history, FerMUN found ways to bring the youth together, to find some joy in these trying times.

Throughout this COVID-19 outbreak, many civilisations are quarantined in their homes as a means to reduce the spread of this pandemic. Through these times, … Read more


We strongly hope we can organize FERMUN during the first term of 2021. If you would like to join us, please complete this questionnaire.… Read more

FerMUN 2020 final report, 31 resolutions were adopted.

Our final report is online!, You can read it here.

 … Read more

Watch our FerMUN 2020 Futurecasters videos!

All videos are here

“The issues we’re facing are massive in scale. Their importance is planetary. It can seem daunting, like a huge mountain. You’re not sure you’ll make it to the top; maybe you can’t even see that far. But take one step, just one, and you’ll already be Read more

Ferney MUNgazine !

This year we decided to really pay attention to sustainable development; we established reusable water bottles and we decided not to print 800 copies of the magazine.

You will find FerMUN2020 magazine on this link !… Read more

FerMUN 2020-Futurecasters is coming up!

We are thrilled to welcoming you all to FerMUN! You are coming from 51 schools and 23 countries around the world.

Our schedule is here, the subjects we will debate are here, our facebook page is here and our instagram!

You can also read our booklets according … Read more

Meet the team behind FerMUN 2020!

The 10th edition of FerMUN will begin in less than a week! 2020 also marks the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, and FerMUN will be launching this historic event.

This year we tried our best to innovate: with the help of ITU, we came up with 11 committees, including … Read more

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