On the second day of the conference, ILO 2 was pleased to welcome expert Martin Oelz. 

This committee focuses on equality and discrimination in the world of work.

Martin Oelz, a human rights lawyer, is a specialist in non-discrimination and equality at the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The expert began by explaining why he is in charge. The world of work suffers from various forms of discrimination based on skin colour, culture, religion, language, age, gender, etc.

 The ILO examines statistics and institutions to determine whether or not they are working. It also selects work programmes on the basis of fundamental rights.

 The ILO’s mission is to achieve objectives such as the recognition of indigenous languages and equal pay for men and women.

According to Martin Oelz, working at the ILO is a privilege. He is constantly learning and has the opportunity to collaborate on projects.

The interested ILO 2 delegates were then able to question Martin Oelz, who responded enthusiastically. One delegate, for example, asked: “Where is the ILO concentrating in particular?  It is in fact in Latin America that the ILO is very present, because of the high demand linked to current inequalities. 

Finally, Martin Oelz reiterated the importance of speaking different languages, although he was aware that this was not lacking at FerMUN. Finally, he made it clear that he would be available to answer any further questions delegates might have during the course of the day. 

Pauline Compte