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Our Fermun preparation

With the new year in swing, we’ve begun our preparations. The different committees are practicing their roles, discussing this year’s issues and beginning the long and arduous process required for a successful conference. With WIPO’s involvement this year, we’re cooking up a conference with intellectual property at its core; these Read more

FERMUN 2016 official video

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Help us invite students from Kenya and Senegal.


Click to reach the crowdfunding platform

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Let’s move on to FerMUN 2017!

vue salleThe bilingual FerMUN conference will be hosted by the World Intellectual Property Organization on 11-12-13 January 2017.

Read the FERMUN board invitation letter

New this year:wipo

A trilingual assembly (English French Spanish)… Read more

Girls in ICT day 2016

14 girls from FERMUN participated in Girls in ICT day! Several of them appear in this video.

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Opening ceremony’s speech – 10 years old special guests.

Read their article in FrenchRead more

Opening ceremony’s speech – Claude Zerez (English subtitles soon.)

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Madaya, martyr city

Last monday, a humanitarian convoy finally entered the city of Madaya.

The operation has finally succeeded after the massive spread of pictures on the internet these last weeks, showing the horror of life in the besieged city of Madaya in Syria, at the borders of Lebanon. This non-censured spread of … Read more

The end of a nightmare ?

28 637 cases. 11 315 deaths. This is the numbers of victims of the biggest epidemic of all time: Ebola. Since December 2013, western Africa has been affected by this virus, which first showed in Guinea: an infant there became the first one of a long list of 2536 deaths. … Read more

Denmark: A controversial reception for immigrants

Denmark has always regulated the arrival of new immigrants. Sweden overpowered by the number of refugees, has recently installed controls at the borders. The Danes now fear that the refugees whose entery to Sweden was denied, come to their country instead.

They have now a new law that lets them … Read more

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