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FerMUN sings and dances in French!

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FerMUN is this week!

Opening ceremony in the UN Headquarters

FerMUN starts this Wednesday 16th January with its prestigious opening ceremony in the Assembly Hall of the United Nations Office in Geneva at 10.00 am. The debates will then take place at the World Intellectual Property Organization.

We are 700 participants from 50 schools, … Read more

Official FerMUN 2018 video

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Registration to FerMUN 2019

Registration is open until April 27th, check the Registration page.… Read more

FerMUN 2019

The conference will be held at the World Intellectual Property Organization on 16-17-18 January 2019 in Geneva. Registration on our website in April 2018.(before April 27th)… Read more

Opening video FerMUN 2018 issues

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Read our Ferney MUNgazine

FerMUNgazine 2018-January 12

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FerMUN is this week!

Dear all,

we are ready!! Ready to welcome you all to our incredible conference.Incredible, because you are all coming from around the world… Thank you!!!

Read the logistics booklet ! FERMUN 2018 Logistics booklet

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FerMUN is next month!

Dear 45 invited schools,

We will welcome all of you in Geneva next month.

Please make sure that you are ready to contribute to the success of FerMUN 2018 by reading our issues and reports page . You need to  contact the Chairmen of your committees to send them your … Read more

FerMUN 2017 report

The FerMUN 2017 report is online!

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