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A team unmasked

On October 24 1945, the United Nations was created. Originally, it was only made up of 51 member states, but this number has since grown to 193 member states today. Its main intent is to maintain world peace by organising conferences to discuss various issues, whether they be ecological, economic … Read more

Closing Ceremony

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FerMUN starts today

Dear all,

The opening ceremony will start at 3.00pm live on youtube

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Watch our friends from Rwanda.

They are getting ready to particiapte in our conference on 7th, 8th and 9th January 2022.

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Registration to FerMUN 2022 is open until June 15th!

If you would like to participate to FerMUN 2022, please check the registration page.… Read more

FerMUN 2022 Press website

Read our articles on our new press website for FerMUN 2022! hereRead more

WHO Director-General Dr Tedros, video message for FerMUN 2021

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Our FerMUN 2021 Press Website

Read our FerMUN 2021 articles on our press website hereRead more

Solidarity Found in a Time of Isolation

During this period of quarantine previously undiscovered by history, FerMUN found ways to bring the youth together, to find some joy in these trying times.

Throughout this COVID-19 outbreak, many civilisations are quarantined in their homes as a means to reduce the spread of this pandemic. Through these times, … Read more

FerMUN 2020 final report, 31 resolutions were adopted.

Our final report is online!, You can read it here.

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