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What does FerMUN mean to you?

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Interview of WIPO’s Director General by 6 FerMUN students.

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video of the FerMUN 2017 press team

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FerMUN at WIPO, big success!!

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Dismantling of the Calais “jungle”: what is to be the fate of the young migrants?

Many migrants live in the deplorable conditions of the Calais “jungle” in northern France, waiting to be granted refugee status or to move to other countries. However, as Francois Hollande announced in September, the dismantling of this camp is planned for “the end of the year”, leaving only a few Read more

« Young reporters at the UN »

On Wednesday the 12th of October, all the members of the team as well as the translation team attended a press conference aimed at “Young reporters at the UN”. It consisted of advice and explanations given by professional journalists to help us young journalists participate in press conferences: some Read more

Youth Climate Dialogue FerMUN and Trinity College in Uganda

YCD 19oct

On 19th October 2016, we participated to our first Youth Climate Dialogue with the Trinity College Nabbingo (Uganda) organized by UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research). Read the articleRead more

Our Fermun preparation

With the new year in swing, we’ve begun our preparations. The different committees are practicing their roles, discussing this year’s issues and beginning the long and arduous process required for a successful conference. With WIPO’s involvement this year, we’re cooking up a conference with intellectual property at its core; these Read more

Interview: Maïlis Fontani

INTERVIEW Maïlis Fontani, a 1ère S student and chair of the WIPO 4 committee at Fermun 2017, shares with us her expectations for the conferences.capture-decran-2016-10-19-a-17-09-01

Did you take part in Fermun 2016? If so, what position did you have and what experience did it bring you? I was an Read more

SpaceX founder Elon Musk reveals plans to get humans to Mars in the next decade

Following the successful drone ship landing of the Falcon 9 rocket earlier this year, Elon Musk detailed his company’s plan to launch a manned mission to Mars in his speech at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico last Tuesday.

Musk opened up his speech with his vision to “make Read more

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