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FerMUN 2023 news

FerMUN 2023 Final report

15 March 2023

The final reports are ready, please read our resolutions! You can find the resolutions for the WMO committee in this link.


4 February 2023

A better quality of life in a world that is urbanizing UN habitat is a committee in the United Nations program who wants to create...


4 February 2023

In the biotech campus, the committee debate of the FAO took place, led by the presidents Mariana FARINHA ARAUJO and Alice COLOMBO FIRST DAY :...

Board of students

Secretary General : 
Juliane Zeeb

Deputy Secretary General in charge of chairs : 
Diane Ouillon

Deputy Secretary General in charge of delegates :
Nathan Hugou

Head of Admins : 
Lina Bensada

Head of the Intercultural Project : 
Louis Ragot

Head of Press : 
Eléa Anquez

Head of Interpretation : 
Téo Guez

Head of Translation : 
Victor Ammari


Our conference will be hosted by 3 venues (walkable distance)

The United Nations office in Geneva for the opening  ceremony.

Palais des Nations
1211 Geneva 1211, Switzerland

The World Meteorological Organization for 4 committees

7bis, avenue de la Paix
1211 Geneva, Switzerland

The Campus Biotech (Geneva University) for 3 committees.

Chem. des Mines 9
1202 Geneva, Switzerland

Issues and Reports

FAO (debates at Campus Biotech in French Only)
Chairs : Mariana FARINHA ARAUJO (marianafarinha6@gmail.com) Alice COLOMBO (alix0205@icloud.com)

  • How to transform agriculture to meet the challenges of climate change?
  • How to stem the destruction of marine ecosystems caused by industrial fishing?


UN WATER (debates in English and French at the World Meteorological Organization)
Chairs :  Raphaëlle HOLROYD (raphaelle.holroyd@gmail.com), Eléonore HASLER (eleonore@hasler.fr).

  • How can we increase the resilience of vulnerable populations and ecosystems facing drought? research report here
  • Effective and eco-sustainable water use practices: How to train users more effectively? research report here research report here


WMO (debates in English and French at the World Meteorological Organization)
Présidentes :  Emma CHIABRERA (chiabrera.emma@gmail.com), Leane CREMMER (leane.cremmer@gmail.com)

  • How can we provide the whole population with secure access to early warning systems for extreme weather events? Research report here
  • Weather data collection: why and how can we involve citizens? Research report here


UN Oceans (debates in English and French at the World Meteorological Organization)
Chairs :  Camille LEVEQUE (cam7leveque@gmail.com), Timothée POULARD (poulardt016@gmail.com),  Lyne AL MOUKHTAR (lyne.almoukhtar.24@gmail.com)

  • How can we  develop renewable energies while limiting their impact on marine biodiversity? Research report here
  • How to protect marine ecosystems and their populations from human activities? Research report here


UN Habitat (debates in English, French and Spanish at the World Meteorological Organization)
Chairs: Marina PEREZ BARRERA (marinapb06@gmail.com), Louis ARNOULT COSTAFREDA (louis.arnoult@eleve.lfb.es)


Digital committee (debates in English only at Campus Biotech)
Chairs : Andres VIANA OPORTO (avianaoporto@gmail.com), Norah Moye OUEDRAOGO (moye.ouedraogo@gmail.com), Cherine ABD EL ALL (cherineabdelall@gmail.com)


Security Council (debates in English only at Campus Biotech)
Chairs : Jérémie DE LA FUENTE (jeremiedlf@gmail.com),  Noor FAKHRULDDIN MANIL (nooramore@gmail.com)

  • How to ensure sustainable access to water for Israel and Palestine despite the ongoing conflict? Research Report Here
  • How to limit the shortages of hydrocarbons and crops linked to the war in Ukraine? Research Report Here


Invited schools

36 schools from 20 countries will participate to FerMUN 2023 :


Linuwel School Ltd.
St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School
The King’s School


Lycée Montaigne de Cotonou


Costa Rica Model UN


Lycée international Jean Mermoz, Abidjan


Lycée Prins Henrik


Externat Notre Dame, Grenoble
Institut Fénelon, Grasse
Institution Notre Dame, Valence
Institution Saint-Paul, St Etienne
Lycée International, Ferney-Voltaire
Lycée la Présentation de Marie, St Julien en Genevois
Lycée Saint Louis Villa Pia, Bayonne
Ombrosa Lycée Multilingue , Calueir et Cuire
Lycée Pierre Termier, Grenoble
Lycée ND des Victoires, Voiron
Lycée Massillon, Clermont -Ferrand
Lycée Vaugelas, Chambéry
Lycée de Bellevue France-Martinique


Ecole Greco-Française Kalamari


Liceo Tito Lucrezio Caro


Munithu Girls Secondary School


American International School of Kuwait


Lycée International français Vilnius


Lycée Victor Hugo


International school of Monaco


St Peter’s Cambridge
Woodford House


Lycée français Bonaparte


Green Hills Academy


Escola Pia Sarrià-Calassanç
Lycée français de Barcelone


Liceo Pareto Mies


Lycée Saint-Joseph Istanbul


Lycee francais Charles de Gaulle, Londres