A better quality of life in a world that is urbanizing

UN habitat is a committee in the United Nations program who wants to create a better urban future. The mission of this committee is to promote access to decent housing for all as well as the sustainable development of human settlements on a social and environmental level.

In FerMUN 2023, the two issues of debate are : How to ensure that coastal regions dependent on tourism can adapt to the impacts of climate change and how to limit air pollution in urban development.

The first issue was debated on Thursday, with a very little animated debate. Thanks to the very relevant and interesting remarks from Haiti, China, Colombia and the United States as well as the foundation of the climate, the debate phase went very quickly. There was no major opposition, only a disagreement between China and Haiti on the belief of democracy.

The second issue was debated on Friday, with a much more active debate, many attacks between active countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, South Korea, Haiti, Indonesia, India… Laughter and applause after the speeches put a much more pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in the room.

The two presidents of UN habitat are Marina PEREZ BARRERA, she is 16 years old and comes from Ferney-Voltaire high school. She already participated in 3 conferences, but it is her first conference as chair. The second president is Louis ARNOULT, he is 17 years old, and he comes from the French high school in Barcelona. For Louis too, it’s his first time as a chair.