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FerMUN sings and dances in French!

20 January 2019


FerMUN is this week!

14 January 2019

FerMUN starts this Wednesday 16th January with its prestigious opening ceremony in the Assembly Hall of the United Nations Office in Geneva at 10.00 am. The...

FerMUN 2019 Ferney Chairs

21 June 2018

FerMUN 2019 now has its team of Ferney chairs! While some are occupied with exam revisions, and others sit around watching the world cup, the...


The World Intellectual Property Organisation have very generously offered us the use of its establishment. Located in Geneva, a city whose international and political aspect makes it so unique, location is ideal for delegates to develop their debating capacities in a context that allows them be anchored to a diplomatic environment.

For the Opening Ceremony, we are incredibly lucky to be able to welcome participants to the United Nations Palace. As FERMUN reaches more and more people, our voices become more and more apparent and our ideas are starting to become actual solutions. Being able to witness the transition from an idea to a solution in such an iconic building is the most enriching experience a delegate could have.

Issues and Reports

FerMUN 2019 : Building sustainable and resilient societies

FerMUN 2019 is organized into 8 committees, in addition to a Security Council and an International Court of Justice. Two major committees deal with Artificial Intelligence, a key subject in future planning. In parallel, the other six committees focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), following the guidelines of the High Level Political Forum.

The HLPF is the main United Nations platform on sustainable development and it has a central role in the follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda and of the Sustainable Development Goals at global level.

Thus, each year, the HLPF focuses on six SDGs surrounding a common theme.

At FerMUN 2019, through discussions with Mr. Bouabid (Representative of the Director General on the United Nations SDGs at WIPO), we decided to follow the priorities chosen by the HLPF, and to have six committees treating one SDG each.


SDG 6 – Clean Water
Chairs : 
CASTELLORIZIOS Nicolas (castelln@citescolairehugorenoir.org) PENNACINO Victor (vpennacino@gmail.com)

Link to the quiz every delegate has to complete here.

SDG 7 – Energy
Chairs : CHÉRIF SAKHO Mariéme (mariemecherifs@gmail.com), PAUWELYN Marit (marit.pauwelyn@gmail.com), VICTOR Camille (camillevictor123@gmail.com)

Link to the quiz every delegate has to complete here.

SDG 11 – Sustainable Communities
 : ARAVINTH Sharika (miriamshariks@yahoo.com), BOUANANE Chahinez (chahinez.bne@gmail.com)

Link to the quiz every delegate has to complete here.

SDG 12 – Reducing Waste
 : ABDELLATIF Nouran (Nouran.abdellatif.00@ais-kuwait.org), CATHELINEAU Anaëlle (cathelana@gmail.com)

Link to the quiz every delegate has to complete here.

SDG 15 – Life on Land
 : DERVAUX Romane (dervaux.romane@gmail.com), GHANDOUR Salma (salma.ghandour.00@ais-kuwait.org), VIAL Jérémy (jem.vial@gmail.com)

Link to the quiz every delegate has to complete here.

SDG 17 – Partnerships (Unilingual committee: English ONLY)
Chairs : BUCHNAK Sima (sbuchnak@gmail.com), JAGOE Garrison (garrisonlouis2002@gmail.com)

Link to the quiz every delegate has to complete here.

AI & Ethics
Chairs : GREY Gessienne (gessienne.grey@writopialab.org), KHALED SEDKY Hanya (Hanya.ksedky@gmail.com), POUGET Anaya (pouget.anaya@gmail.com)

Link to the quiz every delegate has to complete here.

AI & Society (trilingual committee : French, English, Spanish)
 : GUERIN Camille (camille.guerin.137@gmail.com), RUTCH MURILLO Brandon (brrumur476@gmail.com), TROWBRIDGE Noah (noah.george@hotmail.fr)

Envía un e-mail a los presidentes si quieres el informe en español!

Link to the quiz every delegate has to complete here.

Security Council
 : JENA Arindum (jena.a.419@isg.edu.sa), SEMERIA Savinien (savinien.semeria@ymail.com)

Link to the quiz every delegate has to complete here.

International Court of Justice (French ONLY
 : LABBADI Angélique (angelique.mlabbadi.pro@gmail.com), ORAN Deniz (deniz.oran@sj.k12.tr)

  • Whaling in Antarctica.


Invited schools

50 schools from 28 countries participated in FerMUN 2019


  • All Hallows School, Brisbane
  • Cranbrook School, Bellevue Hill
  • Monte Sant Angelo, North Sydney
  • Queensland Academy for Creative Industries, Kelvin Grove


  • Beijing Royal School

Costa Rica

  • Blue Valley School, San Rafael

Czech Republic:

  • Gymnazium Boskovice, Boskovice


  • Lycée Français Prins Henrik, Copenhague

Dominican Republic

  • Escuela Técnico Profesional MOVEARTE
  • Liceo El Corozo, Moca, Provincia Espaillat
  • Politécnico Fabio Amable Mota


  • Oasis International School, Le Caire


  • Centre de Formation Professionnelle Les Charmilles, St Martin d’Hères
  • Institut Fénelon, Grasse
  • Institution St Paul, St Etienne
  • ITEC Bois Fleury, Corenc
  • Lycée Bellevue, Fort de France
  • Lycée Blaise Pascal, Charbonnières-les-bains
  • Lycée Externat Notre Dame, Grenoble
  • Lycée International, Ferney-Voltaire
  • Lycée Vaugelas, Chambéry


  • Berlin International School, Berlin
  • Carl-Theodor-Schule, Schwetzingen


  • Ecole Greco-Française KALAMARI, Thessalonique


  • Maheshwari Public School, Jaïpur

Ivory Coast

  • Lycee Francais Blaise Pascal, Abidjan


  • Liceo Lucrezio Caro, Roma


  • Munithu Girls Secondary School, Meru


  • American International School, Salmiya


  • International school of Monaco


  • Lycée Français, Agadir
  • Lycée Français Victor Hugo, Marrakech

New Zealand:

  • Kelston Boys High School, Auckland
  • St Cuthbert’s College, Auckland
  • St Peter’s Cambridge, Hamilton
  • Woodford House, Havelock North


  • Lycée Français La Fontaine, Niamey


  • Green Hills Academy, Kigali

Saudi Arabia

  • Dhahran High School, Al-Khobar


  • Lycée Demba Diop, Mbour


  • Lycée Français, Barcelone
  • Escola Pia Sarrià-Calassanç, Barcelone


  • Institut Montana, Zugerberg
  • Liceo Vilfredo Pareto, Mies


  • Lycée St Benoit, Istanbul
  • Lycée Saint Joseph, Istanbul

United Arab Emirates

  • Delhi Private School ,Sharjah

United Kingdom

  • Alexandra Park School, London
  • Invicta Grammar School, Maidstone

United States of America

  • Community School of Naples