FerMUN 2017

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Actualités de FerMUN 2017

Rapport FerMUN 2017

2 septembre 2017

Le rapport de la conférence FerMUN 2017 est en ligne, lisez ici

Vidéo Officielle FerMUN 2017

8 mars 2017


De retour au Sénégal, le Lycée de Mbour a célébré FerMUN.

12 février 2017


Problématiques et rapports

Read the report of our conference here.

Our 2017 conference was made of:

  • 4 World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) committees,
  • the Human Rights Council,
  • the UN Commission on the Status Women,
  • the Forum on Humanitarian Action,
  • the Security Council and
  • the International Court of Justice.

WIPO 1 Competition (debates in English and French)    

  • Fighting illegal downloading of protected works (such as music, films, books, paintings, etc.) report
  • Guaranteeing the independence of farmers from seed producers report
  • Preventing and sanctionning corporate espionnage report

WIPO 2 Indigenous People Rights (debates in English and French)

  • Encouraging transfers of green technologies from indigenous people to industrialised societies report
  • Protecting and promoting the cultural heritage of indigenous people report
  • Access to genetic resources and sharing of the advantages of their use. Ensuring the application of the Nagoya protocol for indigenous people. report

WIPO 3 Innovation (debates in English and French)

  • Concerning the promotion of innovation and the sharing of information, what role should be given to parties such as Creative commons and other opensource parties? report
  • Applying principles of intellectual property in sectors emerging in the fourth industrial revolution report
  • How can intellectual property encourage the development and expansion of green technologies? report

WIPO 4 Health (debates in English and French)    

  • Ensuring greater access to medical care while respecting the property rights of the actors in medical research report
  • Combatting the counterfeiting of medicine report
  • Protecting patients’ medical information report

Human Rights Council (debates in English French Spanish)

UNICEF (debates in English and French)  

UN commission on the Status of Women (debates in English and French)

  • Promoting women’s access to education report
  • Ensuring women’s rights in the working world report
  • Improving gender equality in scientific research and development report

Forum on Humanitarian Action (debates in English only)

  • Ensuring safe access of humanitarian organisations in countries in conflict report
  • Coordinating humanitarian actions for greater efficiency on the ground  report
  • Ensuring respect for international humanitarian law report

Security Council (debates in English and French)

International Court of Justice (debates in French only)    

Obligation to negotiate access to the Pacific ocean (Bolivia v. Chile) case (in French only)