Terrorist attack in Djakarta

This Thursday morning, Djakarta witnessed a new deadly attack: the terrorist group of the Islamic State is highly suspected to be responsible for it. 6 persons were killed, including 2 civilians and 4 assailants, and more than 10 people were injured. The Indonesian president Joko Widodo imediately qualified the events as a “terrorist act”, and asked the population not to concede to fear.

The attempt occurred downtown in a shopping center, where 2 of the assailants blew themselves up, while the 2 others randomly shot in the crowd. This led to an armed conflict with the indonesian police, but this last asserted that there are no fugitives after the fight.

French diplomats are demanding not to go to the French embassy in Djakarta and to limit their travels, as the threat still is be too important in the Indonesian capital.

Such tragic events are now happening around the world on a daily basis…