Meet the team behind FerMUN 2020!

The 10th edition of FerMUN will begin in less than a week! 2020 also marks the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, and FerMUN will be launching this historic event.

This year we tried our best to innovate: with the help of ITU, we came up with 11 committees, including 3 trilingual committees, and 2 youth assemblies (the first in FerMUN’s history). The press team has also worked to innovate, which you will discover next week.

In the meantime, here is the team that has been organising FerMUN for the past few months:

The Board

Gessienne Grey – Secretary General
Anaëlle Cathelineau –
Deputy Secretary General for Chairs
Sima Buchnak – Deputy Secretary General for Delegates
Mariam Barry – Head of Admins


Jeremy Vial – Head of Communication
Océane Plaza – Head of Press
Marion Lambert – Head of Solidarity Fund
Imtinane Mhoumadi – Head of Translation
Ruben Crawford – Head of Interpretation

The Directors

Florence Baudry – Head of FerMUN Programme
Philippe Launay- History-geography teacher, President of FerMUN
Alan Ackroyd – English teacher, in charge of publications in English
Jean-Loup Kastler – history-geography teacher, in charge of publications in French
Sophie Zory – sports teacher in charge of logistics and the Solidarity Fund

The Chairs

Jeanne Puech (Security Council)
Michael Miller (Security Council)
Victoire Debionne (ITU 1)
Gwendolyne Remme (ITU 1)
Aston Hovey (ITU 1)
Antonio Badilla (ITU 2)
Marit Pauwelyn (ITU 2)
Charles Hermann-Gomez (ITU 2)
Dominique Sardinas (ILO)
Nils Vuitton (ILO)
Sofya Korobitsyna (UNEP)
Maxence Nicolet (UNEP)
Khalid Lahbabi (UNEP)
Diego Saugnac (UNESCO)
Gemma Griffith (UNESCO)
Bartu Onak Arik (UNHCR)
Katia Todorov (UNHCR)
Rémy Court (WHO)
Hanna Wanjiru (WHO)
Nouran Abdellatif (YA ITU)
Alexandre Kiss (YA ITU)
Brock Hosier (YA UN)
Caroline Lentz (YA UN)
Aénor Guibert (ICJ)
Quentin Duchamp (ICJ)