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Ethics, Technology and the Future of Humanity conference

20 June 2018

Imagine that you could choose not only your child’s name, but also his gender, hair color, height, nose shape, and intelligence level. Would that be...

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30 May 2018


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28 May 2018

Here are the different elements which the press team has produced for MockMUN 2018, 23rd of May 2018. Opening Ceremony Video: Magazine distributed during the...

Issues and Reports

Last year’s conference (2018) was made of 8 committees, 1 security council and an international court of justice.

  • Check the lobbying process here

Environment Committee (Goals 7, 9, 12, 14)
 : Diane Jacquet (diane.ama.jacquet@gmail.com) , William Huang (william88102@gmail.com)

  • Improving the efficiency of green technology transfer to developing countries report
  • Counteracting overfishing for a sustainable use of marine resources report

Ethics and Society Committee (Goal 9)
: Paula Duellmann (paula.duellmann@gmail.com) , Marc Antoine Adelise (asmagemiliz@gmail.com)

  • The application of intellectual property to the patentability of living beings report
  • Providing universal and affordable access to the Internet report

Health Committee (Goal 3)
 : Jérémie Brice Leroy (jeremie.brice@outlook.fr) , Veya Mandapat (manda.v.119@isg.edu.sa)

  • Applying property rights to the commercialisation of new medical treatments report
  • Reinforcing the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, including narcotic drug abuse and harmful use of alcohol report

Forum on Indigenous People’s Rights (Goals: 8, 10, 11) English ONLY
: Alexandre Riou (alex.yohann.riou@gmail.com) , Monica Yang (monica.twn@gmail.com)

  • Protecting and promoting the natural and cultural heritage of indigenous people report
  • Supporting indigenous communities in their development of tourism on their territories, to create sustained and inclusive economic growth report

Forum onTrade (Goals 3, 8, 10, 17)
Chairs : Marcus Hart (marcus.hart@protonmail.com) , Matthias Bingham (binghamatthias8@gmail.com) , Eleonora Tempio (eleonora.tempio@gmail.com)

  • Fighting the sale of counterfeited goods report
  • Implementing plain cigarette packaging report

ECOSOC (Goals 5, 4)
 : Inès Stamatiadis (inesaphaia@hotmail.fr) , Adolfo Roquero (roqueroadolfo@gmail.com) , Genesis Monge (genesis.sofy@gmail.com)

  • Managing copyright infringement of Street Art report
  • Eliminating school violence and bullying including gender-based violence report

Protection & Security Committee
 : Sebastien Behaghel (sebastienbehaghel@hotmail.com) , Kaan Aribal (kaan.aribal@sj.k12.tr)

  • Why and how to protect whistleblowers report
  • Data protection on the Internet report

Forum on Urban development (Goals: 7, 11)
Chairs : Emma Goddet (emma.goddet@live.fr) , Hugo Carvalho (hugo.carvalho2000@gmail.com)

  • Promoting sustainable urban development report
  • Challenges concerning the collection and management of information necessary to the functioning of Smart Cities report

Special Session of the Security Council

Chairs : Clara Fleury (Miss.claraf@gmail.com) , Omar Abdellatif (Omar.abdellatif.00@ais-kuwait.org)

  • Towards the Security Council reform and the Creation of an Economic and Social Security Council report

International Court of Justice :  In French only
 : Baptiste Puech (baptiste.puech@gmail.com) , Lise Dujardin (lise.dujardin@gmail.com)


Invited schools

Owning tomorrow: Tackling the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and fostering innovation through Intellectual Property

45 schools from 23 countries participated to FerMUN 2018:


  • Abbotsleigh School, North Sydney
  • Linuwell Steiner School, Maitland, New South Wales
  • Merewether High School, Broadmeadow NSW
  • Mount View High School, Cessnock New South Wales

Burkina Faso

  • Lycée municipal, Ouahigouya

Costa Rica

  • Blue Valley School, San Rafael

Ivory Coast

  • Lycee Francais Blaise Pascal, Abidjan


  • Lycée Français Prins Henrik, Copenhague


  • Centre de Formation Professionnelle Les Charmilles, St Martin d’Hères
  • Institut Fénelon, Grasse
  • Institution St Paul, St Etienne
  • Lycée Bellevue, Fort de France
  • Lycée Blaise Pascal, Charbonnières-les-bains
  • Lycée Externat Notre Dame, Grenoble
  • Lycée International, Ferney-Voltaire
  • Lycée Pierre Termier, Grenoble
  • Lycée St Jean Hulst, Versailles
  • Lycée Vaugelas, Chambéry
  • PREDI EURONU, Toulouse
  • School Year Abroad / Ecole Américaine, Rennes


  • Berlin International School, Berlin
  • Carl-Theodor-Schule, Schwetzingen
  • Gymnasium Schwertstraße, Solingen


  • Ecole Greco-Française KALAMARI, Thessalonique


  • Lycée Français, Jérusalem


  • Liceo Lucrezio Caro, Roma


  • American International School, Salmiya


  • International school of Monaco


  • Lycée Français, Agadir
  • Lycée Français Victor Hugo, Marrakech

Saudi Arabia

  • International Schools Group, Dammam, Al Khobar


  • Lycée Demba Diop, Mbour


  • Lycée Français, Barcelone
  • Lycée Français, Madrid
  • Escola Pia Sarrià-Calassanç, Barcelone


  • Institut Montana, Zugerberg
  • Lycée Pareto, Mies


  • Kang Chiao International School
  • Taipei American School


  • American Collegiate İnstitute, Izmir
  • Lycée Saint Joseph, Istanbul

United Arab Emirates

  • Delhi Private School ,Sharjah
  • Lycée Libanais Francophone Privé-Dubaï

United Kingdom

  • Invicta Grammar School, Maidstone

United States of America

  • Mission High School, San Francisco