FerMUN 2013

Official video

The Conference:

The theme of FerMUN 2013 was ICTs as the way forward in Development, Peace and Prosperity? More than 350 delegates were split in nine committees, including a Historical Security Council. The first of our conferences at ITU, its success paved the way for the partnership the club has today with the Union.

Opening Ceremony:

The Opening Ceremony of FerMUN 2013 was held in the Popov Room of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) on the 9th of January 2013. Special guest included:

  • H.E Dr. Touré, Secretary General of the ITU
  • H.E Mr. Tokayev, Director General of the United Nations Offices in Geneva
  • Ambassadors from various permanent missions at UNOG
GA1: Disarmament and International Security Committee
  • The combat against cyber-terrorism.
  • Enforced detainment and “ghost” prisoners.
GA2: Agriculture Committee
  • Is E-Agriculture the way to ensure world food security?
  • Questioning the benefits and disadvantages of irrigation canals and in water sensitive areas.
GA3: Environmental Committee
  • Regulating the pollution caused by the electronic storage of information.
  • The disposal of electronic waste.
GA4: Special Committee for Politics and Decolonisation
  • Protecting existing telecommunication infrastructure in countries suffering from political instability.
  • The legitimacy of government and targeted killings.
HRC: Human Right Council
  • Should internet access be considered as Human Right?
  • Should an international legislation be put in place regulating social media platforms?
ECOSOC: Economic and Social Council
  • Could the development of an online education system ensure access to an education for all?
  • Implementing ICTs as a necessity for economic development.
DSD: Division for Sustainable Development
  • The issue of the increasing amounts of endangered species due to overfishing and other biodiversity loss.
  • The issue of cash crops in less economically developed countries.
Special Conference for ICTs
  • Using ICTs to create equal opportunities among men and women.
  • Satellite imaging – a useful tool in development?
  • ICTs in order to achieve greater empowerment, equality, education and employment for girls.
HSC: Historical Security Council
  • Korean war