Denmark: A controversial reception for immigrants

Denmark has always regulated the arrival of new immigrants. Sweden overpowered by the number of refugees, has recently installed controls at the borders. The Danes now fear that the refugees whose entery to Sweden was denied, come to their country instead.

They have now a new law that lets them confiscate the valuables of immigrants, in order to let them finance their expenses themselves. This reform comes however with certain conditions. These terms concern objects with emotional value to the immigrants such as wedding rings, watches and mobile phones. All other objects with a value higher than 10 000 danish krone (1340€) will be confiscated.

The accord was signed by the right party and the opposition on Tuesday 12th of January. Many people are against this project. In the United States, a website even compared the situation to nazi Germany, a number of petitions have been circling, but the confistcation of immigrant jewelry is now part of the many reforms in Denmark.

Lucie Simon