Tuesday 25th May 2021  –  Registration Open

Registration is open. If you would like your school to participate to FerMUN 2022, please make sure you complete this form before June 15th.  You must be a teacher or a MUN director/advisor to register a school. Many schools apply for FerMUN. We do our best to welcome as many schools as possible but unfortunately we can’t accept everybody. Accepted schools will receive a confirmation email  by the end of June. We will have a waiting list.

If you would like to recommend a student to be a chair at FerMUN 2022, please make sure you complete the “Chair question” in the form. Only students who participated to Online FerMUN 2021 can apply to be a chair to FerMUN 2022.

Dates will be confirmed very soon. If we can’t have our debates in UN agencies, we will meet at our school “Lycée International Ferney-Voltaire”. Schools that won’t be able to travel will have the opportunity to particiapte remotely.

We will organize tours in Geneva and the United Nations.