FerMun_2015_0384We’ve all heard of the United Nations. But what is Model United Nations, otherwise known as MUN?

MUN is an activity that encourages students to participate in international relations and diplomacy by simulating the debates in the style of the United Nations. Usually, this is organised in schools or as an extra-curricular activity. MUN clubs provide an excellent opportunity for young people to actively engage in solving current issues, whilst also learning how to respect and understand diverse points of view on a global scale. This diversity is what makes the MUN environment so interesting and so important for young people; it brings about awareness of the complexity of today’s world and encourages informed decision-making, the first step towards solving the world’s problems.

Some may wonder what students can achieve by participating in MUN. Most importantly, they gain a sense of awareness, a desire to find solutions to the problems that affect our everyday lives. The popularity of MUN continues to grow, with more than 400 000 middle school, high school and college/university students participating on a worldwide level every year. This reflects the willingness of youth to learn and understand the mechanisms and dynamics of our society, in order to promote the universal values of the United Nations and to achieve them through active participation and understanding.