International Labour Organization 1 (bilingual committee English/French)
Chairs:  Océane DESSOULAVY (, Maria TAJADA  (,  Paul VICTOR (

  • How to ensure the integration of gender equality within companies ? – Research report here
  • Implementing a framework for work practices and cybersecurity in order to reduce companies’ environmental impact. – research report here

International Labour Organization 2 (in French Only)
Chairs:  Simon JUTIN (,  Giulia PUSCEDDU (

  • How to secure education for young people in order to abolish child labour ? – Research report in French only
  • How to avoid health hazards at work and ensure the protection of employees ? –Research report in French only

World Health Organization (in English Only)
Chairs:  Morgan DAWSON (, Omayma HADIJI (

Human Rights Council (in English Only)
Chairs:  Danny AL FALLOUJI  (,  Espérance DONGUI (

  • Building a better relationship between authorities and minorities. – Research report here 
  • How to address the persistent decline of tolerance towards communities of color ? –Research report here 

World Meteorological Organization (bilingual committee English/French)
Chairs:  Adea BINAKU (,  Ellen CAMPBELL-LENDRUM (

Economic & Social Council (in French Only)
Chairs:  Paul CURTIL (,  Daniela PUSCEDDU (

  • Restoring the economic and social stability in post-conflict countries .- Research report in French only.
  • Mobilizing global commitments for sustainable development in developing countries. – Research report in French only.

Security Council (in English Only)
Chairs:  Galileo GREY (,  Leta JAGOE (

  • Establish international cooperation to stop the development of terrorist networks on the Internet. – research report here
  • Social protection in times of crisis: the urgency of achieving universal health coverage. – research report here

Historical Security Council (in French Only)
Chairs:  Estela BONAZZI (,  Khaly Djibril THIOYE (

  • Prevent and mitigate the spread of the COVID-19. – research report here
  • The Year 1967: The 6 Day War and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. – Research report in French only.