UN Environment Programme (committee in French)

Chairs:  Agnese CHIABRERA  (agnese.chiabrera@gmail.com) &  Diane OUILLON (diane.ouillon@gmail.com)

    1. How to protect the Arctic ecosystem while taking into consideration territorial assets?Report in French here
    2. What measures can be taken to ensure long-term sustainable access to clean water?Report in French here

World Health Organization (committee in English)

Chairs:  Emma ROBINSON (emma.robinson.chloe@gmail.com) &  Emna TOUNSI (etounsi04@gmail.com)

  1. How to ensure global and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines? Report here
  2. Which measures can be taken to prevent and manage the chronic diseases of obesity and diabetes? Report here

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Human Rights Council (committee in English and French)

Chairs:  Kassandra SCHNEIDER (kass.schneider@gmail.com) & Sophia SOARES REHDER  (sophiasrehder@gmail.com)

  1. What measures can be adopted to combat human rights violations of religious minorities? report here
  2. How to address the escalation of racial discrimination in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic? Report here

World Intellectual Property Organization (committee in Spanish and French)

Chairs: Sofie HULSEBOSCH (sofiehulsebosch@gmail.com) & Leta JAGOE (letadolores@hotmail.com)

  1. How to guarantee the promotion and diffusion of environmentally sound technologies on a global scale? Report here
  2. In what ways can intellectual property be used efficiently in order to lessen health hazards linked to the COVID-19 pandemic? Report here

International Labour Organization (committee in English)

Chairs:  Morgan DAWSON (morgandawsonafro@gmail.com) &  Cléa LASSAGNE (clea.lassagne@gmail.com)

  1. How to mitigate labour exploitation within the textile industry and reduce the negative impacts of fast fashion? Report here
  2. How to provide affordable and high-quality education in order to promote a more skilled and resilient workforce? Report here

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Security Council (committee in English and French)

Chairs:  Jules MOREL (iamjulesmorel@gmail.com) &  Juliane ZEEB (julianezeeb@gmail.com)

  1. How to end the armed conflict and illegal occupation in Israel and Palestine?
  2. Which solutions to prevent famine and solve the humanitarian crisis in Yemen? Report SC Yemen