• How to transform agriculture to meet the challenges of climate change?
  • How to stem the destruction of marine ecosystems caused by industrial fishing?


  • Effective and eco-sustainable water use practices: How to train users more effectively?
  • How can we increase the resilience of vulnerable populations and ecosystems facing drought?


  • How can we provide the whole population with secure access to early warning systems for extreme weather events?
  • Weather data collection: why and how can we involve citizens?

UN Oceans 1

  • How can we  develop renewable energies while limiting their impact on marine biodiversity?
  • How can we  accelerate the transition of the maritime transport sector towards decarbonization?

UN Oceans 2

  • How to protect marine ecosystems and their populations from human activities?
  • How to limit the impact of microplastics in the marine ecosystem?

UN Habitat

  • How can tourism-dependent coastal regions adapt to climate change impacts?
  • Urban development: How to limit atmospheric pollution?

Digital committee

  • How to limit the environmental footprint of used and depleted  smartphones?
  • How to make data centers more sustainable?

Security Council

  • How to ensure sustainable access to water for Israel and Palestine despite the ongoing conflict?
  • How to limit the shortages of hydrocarbons and crops linked to the war in Ukraine?