Why support us ?
  • With MUN, take advantage of today’s youth being prepared for tomorrow’s leadership positions.
  • Associate your image with an educational program
  • Share our values of education, internationalism, diplomacy and peace
  • Prepare a pool of high potential candidates used to deal with various cultures and background
Our sponsors for FerMUN 2018 are:
Our sponsors for FerMUN 2017 were:
  • Organisation Mondiale de la Propriété Intellectuelle
  • Conseil départemental de l’Ain
  • English National Programme
Our sponsors for FerMUN 2016 were:
  • ILO
  • English National Programme
  • PENTACLE France
  • Conseil Départemental de l’Ain
Our sponsors for FerMUN 2015 were:
  • PWC
  • ILO
  • English National Programme
  • JivaHill
  • Conseil Général de l’Ain

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