MockMUN is an afternoon-long conference simulation taking place on the 23rd of May 2018 from 1:30pm to 6:00 pm. You are either a delegate, a president, an admin/translator/interpreter, or a member of the press team, split into the 4 committees, each with their own issue; and not forgetting the ICJ.


  • Education committee: Promoting women’s access to education
    Presidents: CATHELINEAU Anaelle, DERVAUX Romane, GUERIN Camille, TROWBRIDGE Noah

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  • ECOSOC: Reducing inequalities and discrimination against the LGBT community
    Presidents: DJOUKA Yann-Emmanuel, GREY Gessienne, GARRISON Jagoe, LEE Ziyoung Zena

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  • WHO: Improving inclusion and protection of people with mental and physical disabilities
    Presidents: BINAKU Artina, NICOLET Maxence, PAUWELYN Marit, VICTOR Camille

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  • Economic Growth Committee: Closing the gender wage gap
    Presidents: BOUANANE Chahinez, MCCALLIN Liliane, MHOUMADI Imtinane, VIAL Jérémy

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  • ICJ: War crimes in aleppo, syria
    Presidents: MEGHRAOUI-LABBADI Angélique, NATSAG Maralmaa

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As MockMUN is also reflecting the values of FerMUN, including bilinguism, it is important that each of you try to speak both english and french during the debates. The Admin/Traducteur/Interprète are here to assist are here to make sure that bilingualism is possible.


Opening Ceremony: Agora

Ecosoc : 303

Economic Growth : 305

WHO: 307

ICJ: 308

Education: 309

Press team: 205


13h30 – 14h : Opening ceremony

14h15 – 15h15: Lobbying in committees

15h15 – 18h00 : Debate

15h45 – 16h00 : Break Education / ECOSOC / ICJ

16h00 – 16h15 : Break WHO/ Economic Growth