The conference is made of 10 assemblies:

  • 4 World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) committees,
  • the Human Rights Council,
  • the UN Commission on the Status Women,
  • the Forum on Humanitarian Action,
  • the Security Council and
  • the International Court of Justice.

WIPO 1 Competition (debates in English and French)    

  • Fighting illegal downloading of protected works (such as music, films, books, paintings, etc.) report
  • Guaranteeing the independence of farmers from seed producers report 
  • Preventing and sanctionning corporate espionnage report

WIPO 2 Indigenous People Rights (debates in English and French)

  • Encouraging transfers of green technologies from indigenous people to industrialised societies report
  • Protecting and promoting the cultural heritage of indigenous people report
  • Access to genetic resources and sharing of the advantages of their use. Ensuring the application of the Nagoya protocol for indigenous people. report

WIPO 3 Innovation (debates in English and French)

  • Concerning the promotion of innovation and the sharing of information, what role should be given to parties such as Creative commons and other opensource parties? report
  • Applying principles of intellectual property in sectors emerging in the fourth industrial revolution report
  • How can intellectual property encourage the development and expansion of green technologies? report

WIPO 4 Health (debates in English and French)    

  • Ensuring greater access to medical care while respecting the property rights of the actors in medical research report
  • Combatting the counterfeiting of medicine report
  • Protecting patients’ medical information report 

Human Rights Council (debates in English French Spanish)

UNICEF (debates in English and French)  

  • Fighting child labor report
  • Taking care of street children report
  • Integrating migrant and refugee children  report 

UN commission on the Status of Women (debates in English and French)

  • Promoting women’s access to education report
  • Ensuring women’s rights in the working world report
  • Improving gender equality in scientific research and development report

Forum on Humanitarian Action (debates in English only)

  • Ensuring safe access of humanitarian organisations in countries in conflict report
  • Coordinating humanitarian actions for greater efficiency on the ground  report
  • Ensuring respect for international humanitarian law report

Security Council (debates in English and French)

  • Restoring peace in Kivu report
  • Fighting cyberterrorism report

International Court of Justice (debates in French only)    

Obligation to negotiate access to the Pacific ocean (Bolivia v. Chile) case (in French only)