In 2017-2018, we will participate to the following anglophone conferences:

EDISON MUN Huntington Beach 19-31 October 2017, with the following group:

Louis BARAUT , Laetitia BÉGUIN, Alexandre BRUN  , Anna CARVIN, Bérengère CHOMETTE,  Athina DE VOGEL, Paula DUELLMANN , Maïlis FONTANI , Camille FOURTICQ , Julia GUIRAMAND , Monique MULENGA , Luka PAUWELYN, Cynthia PERRIENS , Baptiste PUECH , Conor SYMES , Gianluca ZANOVELLO.

Students who are going to Edison must attend with their parents our next meeting Wednesday 31th May 6.30 pm conference room in the lycée Ferney.

BERMUN, Berlin 14-18 November, with the following group:

Maxime BARBIER , Clara BAUDRY , Lucile BRUNEL , Jan HULSEBOSCH , Maria LALAIN , Leïla MARTINS , Marie-Estelle ÖLZ , Benjamin PHILLIPS , Julien SCHACHTER , Inès STAMATIADIS, Chiara BARBESCHI,   Ana IGNASSE, Camille BAIN.

Haarlem Model United Nations, Netherland

group of students to be determined