FerMUN 2019 : Building sustainable and resilient societies

FerMUN 2019 is organized into 8 committees, in addition to a Security Council and an International Court of Justice. Two major committees deal with Artificial Intelligence, a key subject in future planning. In parallel, the other six committees focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), following the guidelines of the High Level Political Forum.

The HLPF is the main United Nations platform on sustainable development and it has a central role in the follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda and of the Sustainable Development Goals at global level.

Thus, each year, the HLPF focuses on six SDGs surrounding a common theme.

At FerMUN 2019, through discussions with Mr. Bouabid (Representative of the Director General on the United Nations SDGs at WIPO), we decided to follow the priorities chosen by the HLPF, and to have six committees treating one Objective each.



SDG 6 – Water and Sanitation
Chairs :
CASTELLORIZIOS Nicolas (castelln@citescolairehugorenoir.org) PENNACINO Victor (vpennacino@gmail.com)

  • Ensuring universal access to water and to minimum health standards of drinking water.
  • How to encourage investments in sustainable water technology?

Reports are coming soon!


SDG 7 – Energy
Chairs : CHÉRIF SAKHO Mariéme (mariemecherifs@gmail.com), PAUWELYN Marit (marit.pauwelyn@gmail.com), VICTOR Camille (camillevictor123@gmail.com)

  • How to encourage the use of energy sources, proportionally to their impact on the environment?
  • Ensuring economically reasonable and reliable distribution and storage of energy, in both developing and developed countries.

Reports are coming soon!


SDG 11 – Sustainable Communities
: ARAVINTH Sharika (miriamshariks@yahoo.com), BOUANANE Chahinez (chahinez.bne@gmail.com)

  • Helping coastal cities and small Island States to be more resilient against rising ocean levels and climate disasters.
  • How to provide basic services and infrastructures while dealing with solid waste in the context of urban growth?

Reports are coming soon!


SDG 12 – Reducing Waste
: ABDELLATIF Nouran (Nouran.abdellatif.00@ais-kuwait.org), CATHELINEAU Anaëlle (cathelana@gmail.com)

  • Reducing packaging and promoting reusable materials.
  • How can Intellectual Property help to develop new sustainable production patterns?

Reports are coming soon!


SDG 15 – Life on Land
: DERVAUX Romane (dervaux.romane@gmail.com), GHANDOUR Salma (salma.ghandour.00@ais-kuwait.org), VIAL Jérémy (jem.vial@gmail.com)

  • Fighting against wildlife poaching and trafficking.
  • Ensuring biodiversity conservation and the effective use of genetic resources.

Reports are coming soon!


SDG 17 – Partnerships (Unilingual committee: English ONLY)
Chairs : BUCHNAK Sima (sbuchnak@gmail.com), JAGOE Garrison (garrisonlouis2002@gmail.com)

  • How to involve civil society in the SDGs’ application?
  • Developing Public-Private partnerships to improve the quality and efficiency of services.

Reports are coming soon!


AI & Ethics
Chairs : GREY Gessienne (gessienne.grey@writopialab.org), KHALED SEDKY Hanya (Hanya.ksedky@gmail.com), POUGET Anaya (pouget.anaya@gmail.com)

  • The ethical implications of the deployment of Artificial Intelligence technologies for the international community.
  • The legal rights and responsibilities (taxation, right to Intellectual Property, etc.) of autonomous artificial intelligence entities.

Reports are coming soon!


AI & Society (trilingual committee : French, English, Spanish)
: GUERIN Camille (camille.guerin.137@gmail.com), RUTCH MURILLO Brandon (brrumur476@gmail.com), TROWBRIDGE Noah (noah.george@hotmail.fr)

  • How to generalise the use of AI without affecting secure employment?
  • How to ensure the intellectual property of works created by the AI?

Reports are coming soon!


Security Council
: JENA Arindum (jena.a.419@isg.edu.sa), SEMERIA Savinien (savinien.semeria@ymail.com)

  • Counterattacking drug trafficking to rebuild Latin American society.
  • Combatting terrorist organisation Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Reports are coming soon!


International Court of Justice (French ONLY)
 : LABBADI Angélique (angelique.mlabbadi.pro@gmail.com), ORAN Deniz (deniz.oran@sj.k12.tr)

  • Whaling in Antarctica.

Report is coming soon!