Owning tomorrow: Tackling the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and fostering innovation through Intellectual Property

Last year’s conference (2018) was made of 8 committees, 1 security council and an international court of justice.

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Environment Committee (Goals 7, 9, 12, 14)
: Diane Jacquet (diane.ama.jacquet@gmail.com) , William Huang (william88102@gmail.com)

  • Improving the efficiency of green technology transfer to developing countries report
  • Counteracting overfishing for a sustainable use of marine resources report

Ethics and Society Committee (Goal 9)
: Paula Duellmann (paula.duellmann@gmail.com) , Marc Antoine Adelise (asmagemiliz@gmail.com)

  • The application of intellectual property to the patentability of living beings report
  • Providing universal and affordable access to the Internet report

Health Committee (Goal 3)
: Jérémie Brice Leroy (jeremie.brice@outlook.fr) , Veya Mandapat (manda.v.119@isg.edu.sa)

  • Applying property rights to the commercialisation of new medical treatments report
  • Reinforcing the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, including narcotic drug abuse and harmful use of alcohol report

Forum on Indigenous People’s Rights (Goals: 8, 10, 11) English ONLY
: Alexandre Riou (alex.yohann.riou@gmail.com) , Monica Yang (monica.twn@gmail.com)

  • Protecting and promoting the natural and cultural heritage of indigenous people report
  • Supporting indigenous communities in their development of tourism on their territories, to create sustained and inclusive economic growth report

Forum onTrade (Goals 3, 8, 10, 17)
Chairs : Marcus Hart (marcus.hart@protonmail.com) , Matthias Bingham (binghamatthias8@gmail.com) , Eleonora Tempio (eleonora.tempio@gmail.com)

  • Fighting the sale of counterfeited goods report
  • Implementing plain cigarette packaging report

ECOSOC (Goals 5, 4)
: Inès Stamatiadis (inesaphaia@hotmail.fr) , Adolfo Roquero (roqueroadolfo@gmail.com) , Genesis Monge (genesis.sofy@gmail.com)

  • Managing copyright infringement of Street Art report
  • Eliminating school violence and bullying including gender-based violence report

Protection & Security Committee
: Sebastien Behaghel (sebastienbehaghel@hotmail.com) , Kaan Aribal (kaan.aribal@sj.k12.tr)

  • Why and how to protect whistleblowers report
  • Data protection on the Internet report

Forum on Urban development (Goals: 7, 11)
Chairs : Emma Goddet (emma.goddet@live.fr) , Hugo Carvalho (hugo.carvalho2000@gmail.com)

  • Promoting sustainable urban development report
  • Challenges concerning the collection and management of information necessary to the functioning of Smart Cities report

Special Session of the Security Council

Chairs : Clara Fleury (Miss.claraf@gmail.com) , Omar Abdellatif (Omar.abdellatif.00@ais-kuwait.org)

  • Towards the Security Council reform and the Creation of an Economic and Social Security Council report

International Court of Justice :  In French only
: Baptiste Puech (baptiste.puech@gmail.com) , Lise Dujardin (lise.dujardin@gmail.com)