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Futurecasters: Global Young Visionaries Summit – FerMUN 2020


Security Council 

  1. Promoting trust and confidence in ICTs through international cooperation
  2. Discussing a framework for international response in mitigating potential conflict escalation in cyberspace

International Labour Organization

  1. Ensuring inclusive and equitable participation of youth in the digital economy
  2. Managing the potential risks and opportunities of the “4th industrial revolution” for the global job market

 World Health Organization 

  1. Guaranteeing patient privacy, autonomy, and quality of care while developing AI technologies for healthcare
  2. Using ICTs to deliver high-quality, appropriate and accessible healthcare in low-resource and remote areas

UN High Commissioner for Refugees

  1. Bridging the gap in access to education for refugees through ICTs
  2. Using ICTs to improve conditions for women and girls in UNHCR refugee camps

United Nations Environment Programme 

  1. Defining the role of AI in predicting, mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change
  2. Using ICTs to increase environmental awareness and responsibility and encourage sustainable decisions


  1. Recognizing and setting standards for online education and training through an international framework, while promoting accessibility
  2. Establishing ethical guidelines for the use of AI behaviour analysis software in the education sector

International Telecommunication Union 1

  1. Establishing quality and accountability standards for the development of digital financial services
  2. Guaranteeing safe, secure, ethical and sustainable implementation of 5G at a global scale

Comisión trilingüe. Informes en español: Número 1, Número 2

International Telecommunication Union 2 

  1. Defining international and future-oriented standards for the right to online privacy
  2. Reducing and managing e-waste in the context of sustainable development

Comisión trilingüe. Informes en español: Número 1, Número 2

Youth Assembly ITU

  • The gender digital divide

Youth Assembly UN

  • UN 75th Anniversary: Building a better future through international cooperation and inclusivity

International Court of Justice

  • To be determined